Garage sale
you never know what you might find!

Updated 3-10-01

Garage sale items (which means most anything could show up here!). If you want any of these items, please Email us Items are available for immediate shipment; pay by CC, PayDirect, or PayPal, and we ship the following day.

If you are looking for scrapping garage sale items, please see our scrapbook garage sale page

Tambourines; great for assemblages, filing with flowers, etc. to hange on wall..."sheepskin" part is missing; value if new about $15; only $1.25 each (3)
Also have some kids' toy tambourines; .50 each.

There are some nice (and unusual) Philippine necklaces and earrings on the craft sale page (some people want to use them for beads). Craft Closeouts page

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