Teaching ideas
Updated 3-25-09

Simple games to teach nearly any topic or subject. My samples are for vocabulary, but you can do math problem and answer, pictures and spelling, pictures and name (like landforms), etc.

General info:
* Laminate everything.
* Make each set of cards a different color, or use rubber stamps and stamp each set with a different stamp on the back, OR make labels with the game name or unit name and put a label on each card. When a card is misplaced, it is easy to match to the proper set.

1. Fold-and-flash, from Kagan. Make cards with word on the front and a definition on the back. Students sit in a circle; each has a card; first shows his card, and the other student then tells the year; whether the 2nd student is correct or not, first student immediately flips around his card... Then the 2nd student shows her card. When both have shown and read their cards, stand up; when all are standing, rotate to the next person. Continue till all are done. If you need to have duplicates of cards, that's fine. I make them on a folded half sheet of paper or cardstock.

2. Go Fish; put the word and the definition on separate cards; student asks, “Does anyone have build?" (the other card is construct). Use for vocabulary, sounds, letter names, dates and events, etc.

3. Concentration (Memory): Use the Go Fish cards. Turn them face down, try to match, taking turns.

4. Pick-up Sticks: Write words or facts on popsicle sticks. After you have 20 or more sticks, hold them in your hand an inch off the table or floor, and take turns trying to get a stick without moving any other sticks. If you can do that, read the sight word, definiton, or whatever, give the answer if there is one, and keep the stick. If you can't give the answer or read the word, drop the stick on the middle of the pile.

5. Boom!

6. Puzzle cards match

7. Sounds match. Use for hard g/j, oi/oy, etc.

8. Board game.

If instructions are not clear, please email me.

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