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The Womenís Regional Conference held November 21, 2009, was sponsored by Blanding, Monticello, and Moab stakes. It was held in Monticello, Utah. Four stake presidents attended, along with several hundred women.

Excerpts from a talk by Sister Julie Beck, General Relief Society President.

I donít know why youíre here, but Iím here to be with you.

She asked questions such as:
1. Who is 18-30 and unmarried?
Who is a mother of under 12? Of teens? Of Young Adults? Of all three?
Who is a grandmother?
Who hasnít raised their hand yet? (President Lemuel Redd of the Blanding Stake raised his hand then, resulting in a lot of laughter.)

There is no clapping, blue ribbons, or other ďprizesĒ for the good works Relief Society sisters do. Mary and Martha were both good. For the first time, women were invited to be part of Christís good works. Relief Society has been helping to important work since Emma began gathering hymns.

Time for our first question. When there was silence for a little while, she said, ďThe first question is harder. Iíd start with the second, butÖĒ (laughter)

Question: How do you keep a balance in life?
Sister Beck: Youíll never be able to do everything your heart wants to do. The end.

Take care of essentials and the rest will fall into place. Every day, you are on your knees and in the scriptures. Every time you have something to do, ask yourself if you are sealed to it or have a covenant with it.

Donít work three shifts. Choose two - a good woman can work two shifts. Be as effective during swing shift (when teens need you) as during day shift. Donít get so tired you canít hear the Holy Ghost. Your spirit body depends on your physical body. Donít get so tired that your spirit body is unable to hear the Holy Ghost.

Question: How can we help where the Church is in its infancy? For example, every time I go to buy from the Distribution Center, I wish I could buy one for myself, and one for another sister in need.
Sister Beck: You need to know that the Church is in good hands. Pay a full tithe. Pay a generous fast offering, one that hurts a little bit, a sacrifice. If you can, pay to the Perpetual Education Fund and the Humanitarian Fund.

Everything the Church does, it does well. There is a big discount for first time buyers of temple clothes. If they canít afford the clothing, priesthood leaders can help. Your offerings help people get garments, go to the temple, etc.


Sister Beck then continued with some other ideas.

Visiting teaching is not an assignment to make friends because you donít have one. Itís hard to hug over the phone. You canít see if her cupboards are bare if you donít go the her home. Visiting teaching is an assignment to (1.) watch over someone and (2.) to let someone do that for us. Look to ways to help and serve, not JUST read the V.T. lesson.

After a long day of helping a sister who was temporarily unable to do things herself, the question was, ďCan we count this (as a visit)?Ē Count the love, the service.

Question: How can we reach our wayward children? Is it right to say nothing about the Church so as not to alienate them?
Sister Beck: This has been a concern since Eve. Have faith. Pray. Repent of what weíve donít to alienate a child. Forgive. Respect. Love. Compassion. Work. Wholesome recreation activities.

Different things work for different mothers. Successful leadership is the ability to influence volunteers to set and achieve worthy goals. (Our children = volunteers.)

Question: How do we comfort our never-married friends?
Sister Beck: Some true heroes are sisters who live life alone. She is building to be an eternal mother. She will be part of a family in the next life. Prepare now to be part of a family. Do geneaolgy; do teaching.

Probably, not having children is the sorest trial. Some sisters say, "I have the wrong children." Others say, "I have no children."

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Question: What can we do to prevent the influence of pornography?
Sister Beck: What are we doing to filter and monitor? We should ask our men,"When was the last time you saw porn?" Ask children, too. Then ask, "What can I do to help?"

This is not because of you. It's because of Satan. Read the strategy for fighting pornography in Alma 48:7-9. Be faithful (strategy 1); home needs to be a small fort (strategy 2), and where you are weakest, get to work (strategy 3). If you are weak in temple attendance, organization, communication with children, or whatever. Know the Proclamation well.

Question: Can we do it?
Yes! Call on the Lord every day. Don't miss family prayer, family scripture study, family mealtimes. Use youth leaders.

Time is nearly up. I'd like to know what you have learned today?
Comments from sisters. One comment was, we are all the same.

In her closing, Sister Beck bore her testimony, and include the thought that we can have a member of the Godhead as our senior companion. (See D & C 11:12) Bring your questions to Relief Society and you will get your answers. When you kneel down to pray, take a pencil and paper. You are letting the Lord know you're ready to take dictation. Then act on it.

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