Make a folded star, perfectly symmetrical, any size you want, with only one cut. Of course, the trick is in proper folding.

A. Start with a square of paper, slightly larger than the star you want to create.

B. Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle.

C. (This is the most tricky part, lol, but it is easier than it sounds, so try it, okay?) From the center of the folded side of the rectangle, fold one side over toward the other side, so that the angle of the folded part equals twice the angle of the unfolded part that is visible (You have another part under the folded part). I fold from left to right, so the right side is unfolded, and is half the angle of the part I folded over. If you want to use a protractor, you start with a straight line (the fold), which is 180 degrees. the fold from the left will equal 60 degrees, so the unfolded part on the right equals 30 degrees.

D. Fold the right (so far, unfolded)part over the left .

E. Fold the left side over the right, so you have a narrow triangle or semi-triangle.

F. Cut from the side with the most folds showing. Start about in the middle of the length, and cut toward the opposite side see dotted line on scan). You will have to experiment to get the angle, which creates one half of each point of your star.

G. (Ignore the "ink blobs" on this image) This is how the paper looks after the cut.

H. Unfold and have your friends marvel.

(C) paulaj, 2000